Audio Judo

Music discovery used to come from all over the place: the radio, MTV, shared mix tapes, Rolling Stone magazine, and record stores, but not anymore. Enter Audio Judo, your music discovery podcast. Your hosts Matthew and Kyle will introduce you to great music new and old, talk a little about the history of bands and albums, and maybe make you chuckle a couple times (although no guarantees). Try out an episode anywhere podcasts are podcast, or check out our website at

Audio Judo also has some sibling podcasts we produce that you might be interested in. First, our limited-run podcast series “Audio Judo Does Jazz” hosted by our show consultant Chris dives deep into the world of (surprise) jazz music. Check it out at

Next, Throughline, hosted by one of our previous guest hosts Christian. Throughline is a podcast that seeks to determine why songs were constructed and organized the way they were on an album with the hope of granting new perspectives on music you may not have otherwise realized. Check it out at

All of the Audio Judo family of podcasts are proud members of Pantheon - the podcast network for music lovers.